How To Avoid Getting Burned With These 10 SEO Scams

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is being thrown around quite a bit these days, many self-proclaimed “SEO Experts” have come out of the woodwork, making unreal promises and offering such awful things like guaranteed rankings. You can’t go more than a few hours without receiving some spam email about Search Engine Optimization, or a cold call from a Guru. The best defense is to educate yourself as much as possible. Most small business owners don’t have the time needed to get up to date with current SEO trends, here is a list of the most common “SEO Scams” you should watch out for. We are talking specifically about organic and natural search results, not paid advertising. Anyone can get on page one using paid ads.

#1 Guaranteed Rankings
Quite a bit of SEO scammers claim things like “Guaranteed #1 ranking on Google”, “Guaranteed first page ranking on Google”, “Guaranteed #1 ranking on all search engines” are simply impossible. Google even has an article on their support page specifically talking about this, you’ll see a section titled No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Google goes on to say “Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings”. You’ve heard it directly from Google, avoid any company that offers such a guarantee.

#2 They have a special relationship with Google, or they know someone at Google.
DO NOT believe it! No SEO company has a “special relationship” or backdoor access for Google. Any SEO firm that claims this is simply lying.

#3 Free Month of SEO services (trial)
SEO is some of the most tedious and can be very time consuming. The steps required to produce good or even great results requires days of work, and there is not a real and legitimate company that is going to do this for free. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

#4 Submission to hundreds or even thousands of search engines
Google accounts for over 90% of online searches, just focus on what matters in your particular field of work or industry.

#5 Proprietary SEO strategies
What is this some kind of black magic? Any real SEO company should be able to flat out tell you their link building strategy and break it down into how they plan on making it happen step by step. Anyone who uses words like proprietary or in-house most likely is doing something bad like using black-hat seo. These are the companies you want to stay away from, they will get your website penalized and possible banned from google.

#6 Top Ranking within 48 hours
Impossible. The only way to guarantee this would be with Pay Per Click (PPC).

#7 The lowest priced SEO
SEO is extremely time consuming when done properly.  You are better off learning how to do it yourself, rather than paying some “SEO Guru” whos says he can do it for rock bottom prices. Remember, you get what you pay for.

#8 We are partners with Google
No they are not. Google has no such partnerships in the SEO communities. No Google employee would risk termination for something as silly as this.

#9 We know the Google Algorithm
There are over 200 aspects to the google algorithm. No one truly knows them all except google. Most successful SEO experts known what works best through much trial and error. Keeping things are natural looking as possible is the way to go.

#10 Avoid SEO firms that take ownership of content created
Make sure you read the fine print and are owner of all content. Some SEO companies have been known to hold that content hostage and even sell it to competitors.


This article will help you avoid the most common SEO scams.

Jason Stanley
Jason Stanley
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